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Partner Information

Here's what you need to know if you want to partner with Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas for 2024 Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Fest.

Why participate?

  1. It’s fun! We love seeing the creative concoctions/pairings area chefs and venue owners come up with each year.

  2. Girl Scout Cookies are sold for a short time every year, which increases demand.

  3. Having a Girl Scout Cookie product available may serve as an incentive for customers to try your restaurant!

  4. Align your brand with the largest nonprofit leadership organization for girls and women in the United States and one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

  5. All Girl Scout Cookie sale proceeds stay local. The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls about entrepreneurship as they have fun learning essential skills such as money management, goal setting, people skills, decision making, and business ethics.

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How to Participate

  1. Download your 2024 Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Fest Partner Packet.

  2. Complete the Letter of Agreement (LOA) (also included in the packet).

  3. Choose your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor(s). You may already have one(s) in mind, but don’t worry—we’ll bring you a box of each cookie our council sells to help inspire you. (Please note: Because of various issues with our baker, the limited-edition Raspberry Rally™ will not be available for Flavor Fest partners.)

  4. Create a delicious cookie concoction. We encourage creativity!

  5. Create at least one sample cookie concoction to be photographed (by you) for publicity purposes.

  6. Tell us about your cookie concoction by completing the 2024 Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Fest Partner Form (not to be confused with the LOA). You'll receive this in an email.

  7. Purchase your Girl Scout Cookies! If you know a local Girl Scout, we encourage you to buy them from her. If you don’t know a Girl Scout, we will connect you with one so that you can receive what you need, when you need it.

  8. Sell your cookie concoction between the dates of February 16-25 (you may only sell your item(s) during this timeframe, unless a specific agreement is formed with GSSWT), and help us tell San Antonio about your delicious creation!

Past Partners

Below are the partners for the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Fest! 

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